Discover our approach to teaching English

Still don't know us? The TEK team is made up of a Young, close and highly qualified teachers in teaching English. One of the fundamental elements when learning a language is to keep the motivation of the students constantly high. That is why we create productive and stimulating classes with clear objectives set by the Cambridge exams.

We believe that to learn a language it is necessary to work on small groupss, therefore in TEK they will never exceed 8 students. Thanks to this, we are able to have absolute control over the learning of our students and offer continuous monitoring of the progress of each one of them.

All our students are different, so we do not work in the same way in each case. Although it is true that we believe that goal-oriented work is important, for our youngest students we have designed a more children's work plan in which the Cambridge syllabus becomes a space adventure. The little ones will learn through more interactive materials that help develop their imagination.

For our teenagers we create classes that they want to come to. We work on all facets and skills from a close and attractive perspective for them. At TEK you can forget about the typical English classes, without neglecting real and quantifiable learning.

What are you waiting for? Come see us and find out for yourself!

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